EMC 4315



Currently, I attend Texas Tech Univerity. I have one semester left and my graduation date is December 16, 2017.

I was born in the mountains of Kalispell, Montana and grew up in the deserts of Odessa, TX. After graduating high school in 2005, I helped establish an ecommerce marketing plan and implemented the use of customer relations management tools at a multibrand car dealer. In 2009, I initially entered the IT industry as technician for a computer repair company. This evolved into freelance and contract IT work for local business. In 2013, I enrolled at Texas Tech University where I have been receiving a broad and thorough liberal arts education in Electronic Media and Communications.

Outside of work, I spend my time gaming, watching movies and listening to music. Recently, I've been playing Miscreated, Ark, PUBG and Parasite (A custom StarCraft 2 map). However, I just started playing FoxHole. I’m hooked!